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Allez Fencing
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Piste Area

Fencing is a sport that goes beyond competition and winning. As a fencing master, I believe that athletics can supplement and support everyone in their growth and development. It promotes the importance of teamwork, effort, goals, and commitment, instilling values that extend beyond the sport.


From its ancient origins as a killing game to its modern incarnation as an Olympic sport, fencing remains highly competitive. However, success is not solely measured by the number of victories. What matters most is sportsmanship, respect for fellow fencers, and dignity in the face of adversity.


In fencing, not all fencers perform at the same level, but all can demonstrate effort, dedication, passion, and fair play. These values are essential to the fencing community and they translate into everyday life, helping individuals to become better versions of themselves. As a fencing master, I am committed to cultivating these values in all of my students, and promoting the growth and development of fencers both on and off the strip.

Allez is a fencing club dedicated to bringing the excitement of fencing to everyone. We believe that fencing is a great way to stay physically active and mentally sharp. Our club offers a range of fencing classes, from beginners to advanced, as well as a variety of fencing-related activities.

At Allez, we focus on not just winning and losing, but also on instilling good sportsmanship, mental fitness, and physical fitness in our students. Our goal is to help everyone learn the art of fencing while having fun in the process.

Sports & Rec

As a fencing equipment distributor and developer, we also facilitate who would like to fence. A 3000 square feet studio with everything you need to fence as leisure, competition and fitness, we also offer you opportunity to experience equipment maintenance and assembly your own.





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