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Allez Fencing
Epee Foil Sabre
Managed by Hong Kong Sport Fencing Since 1982

Piste Area
Fun Shot
Kid Area

Athletics supplement and support everyone in their growth and development. It assists in promoting the importance of teamwork, effort, goals and commitment. Fencing as an ancient origin killing game to modern Olympic sport, fencing is highly competitive, but winning is not the primary measure of success.

Sportsmanship, respect for participants, and dignity in the face of adversity are more important than the outcome of the contest. All fencers do not perform at the same level, but all can demonstrate effort, dedication, passion and fair play.

Sports & Rec

As a fencing equipment distributor and developer, we also facilitate who would like to fence. A 3000 square feet studio with everything you need to fence as leisure, competition and fitness, we also offer you opportunity to experience equipment maintenance and assembly your own.





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