Leon Paul HK Junior Series Competiton 2020

Date: Nov 21 to Dec 20, 2020

Time: As per the event schedule

Place: Hong Kong Sport Fencing, 2A 677 King's Road, Quarry Bay, HK

Fee: HK380.00 

Prize: 1st, 2nd and double 3rd (Leon Paul Product) 





獎品:第一名,第二名及雙第三名(Leon Paul 產品)

Regulation and Formats


Fencers will compete in pools,70% leading fencers shall be promoted to direct elimination round will depend on the number of total entries of each event.

Pool rounds fence for 5 points or the highest within 2 mins. Direct Elimination fence for 10 points or the highest within 1 session of 5 minutes. No rest period There will be a 1st place, 2nd place and two 3rd place.


Competition adopts current FIE technical rules. Fencing Clothing must meet CE Level 1 350N safety requirement, 350N to 800N under plastron and long socks.

Weapon Length

2011-2016 year fencers use size 0 blade

2008-2010 year fencers use size 0, 2 or 3 blade




劍手經小組賽後,,7 成前列晉升直接淘汰賽。小組每局最高5分,每局限時兩分鐘。淘汰賽最高10分,一局5分鐘,不設中間休息 。





所有參加者必須使用350N 或 800N 單袖保護內衣,最少350N的劍服和劍擊用面罩,及膝長襪。


2011-2016 年出生的劍手只可用0號劍

2008-2010年出生的劍手可用0, 2, 3號劍









We are exercising the safety measure against the COVID-19 pandemic and the following are the safety rules that all the participants and parents have to follow.


1. No changing room is provided, please dress up with your fencing outfit before coming to the venue.

2. Always wear a face mask whenever you are in the competition venue.

3. Fencers will be put into a group of 4 with at least 1.5m apart during waiting for the bout.

4. No hands shaking is needed after the fencing bout.

5. No Coach, parent or friend is allowed to stand near the fencing strip.

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