U10 Mixed Big Pool Foil Mini-Marathon


Date: Dec 14

Time: 9:00 am

Place: Hong Kong Sport Fencing, 2A 677 King's Road, Quarry Bay, HK

Age: Who was born  within 1/1/2010 to  12/31/2013

Fee: HK$350.00 

Prize: Trophy for 1st to 4th rank, a certificate for other rankings




年齡: 出生日期介乎1/1/2010 和 12/31/2013


獎品:第一,二,三,四均有獎牌, 其他名次獲證書。

Regulation and Formats


Fencers will compete in one big pool of a maximum number of 16 fencers, minimum entry is 10.

Fence for 5 points or the highest within 2 mins of each bout, no direct elimination round. Places are determined by the final ranking of the big pool.


Competition adopts current FIE technical rules. Fencing Clothing must meet CE Level 1 350N safety requirement, 350N to 800N under plastron and long socks.

Weapon Length

The 2009-2015 year fencers use size 0 Foil blade

The 2007-2008 year fencers can use up to size 5 Foil blade

The 2010 or later year fencers use size 0 epee blade

Epee fencer 2009 or older can use size 5 Epee blade



劍手以一個大循環小組進行, 名次以最終的小組排名為準. 名額最少人數10人,最多16人。


所有參加者必須使用350N 或 800N 單袖保護內衣,最少350N的劍服和劍擊用面罩,及膝長襪。


2009-2015 年出生的花劍手只可用0號花劍

2007-2008 年出生的花劍手可用5號花

2010 或以後出生的重劍手指可用0號重劍

2009 或之前出生的重劍手可用5號重劍

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